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Getting your CPL is easy. Michigan law requires CPL applicants to take a pistol safety training course, that must be at least 5 hours of classroom training, and 3 hours of instruction at a range. We offer:

Firearm Transfers

Buying a Gun online? Let us help with the transfer, the process is fast and easy!

  1. Purchase a gun online from anyone, anywhere.
  2. Text or email us the sellers email address, the purchase order number, your name and phone number.
  3. We take over communication with seller & your gun ships to us.
  4. We contact you and schedule a pick-up time (evening or weekend) that is convenient for you.
  5. For gun p/u, plan on about 30 minutes for the Federal paperwork to be completed/approved.
  6. Please bring a current and fully updated Drivers License.
  7. **PLEASE READ**….If you DO NOT have a CPL you must first obtain a License To Purchase from your local Police Dept.

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