Shooting Range

Liberty & Freedom Shooting Range is a private outdoor Firearm Range. Meaning our range is strictly for students only or by invitation only unless a public event is posted.

Range Rules

Our Range Rules are posted at entry, you must agree to and abide by these rules at all times.
Must Know and Practice these!

  1. Every Firearm is Loaded (Always handle firearms as if they are loaded)
  2. Always present your firearm is a SAFE direction. (Muzzle direction)
  3. Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until choosing to shoot.
  4. Only have your firearms accessible to authorized persons.
  5. Only have your firearm “loaded” or “chambered” while using it.

Range Safety

Our Range is open as scheduled ONLY when our Range Safety Officers are present, ALL participants will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement to enter, and the highest level of safety will be maintained.

What to Expect

We will allow a time of straight line shooting followed by a slightly more challenging shooting activity, it will be fun!

What To Bring

Bring your gun/guns, ammunition (no specific round count), extra magazines, holsters, mag pouches, anything you have. Eye & Ear protection.

Liberty & Freedom LLC

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Our Prayer

Creator God, Help us to think and act what is right, help us to use our feedom and personal skills to furthur peace, help us to have clarity of mind when trouble comes and help us to care for others the way you have shown care for us. Amen